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We here at Salem Oregon Handyman truly believe that your home should be the place you can truly unwind and enjoy yourself. Your home, unfortunately, often has other plans. Over time, due to wear and tear or other factors, things around your home can break, stop working or simply start to look worn out.

If things around your home are broken or not functioning as they should this can really put a strain on you being able to relax at home. The good news is, this no longer needs to be a problem.

Not when we, Salem Oregon Handyman, offer a range of services designed to keep your home looking great and functioning properly. Just talk with us, the best home handyman Salem Oregon has.

About Us

We operate in and call Salem, Oregon, home. Our overarching goal is a simple one: to keep the homes of Oregon looking and functioning at their best. The reason for this is simple, a well maintained, happy home means a happy family. We truly embrace family values here at Salem Oregon Handyman, and think there’s nothing more important than spending quality time with your loved ones.

If your home is in disrepair or things don’t work like they should, this can break family cohesion and cause stress and other problems. Don’t let this happen in your home. If you need something done, contact us today We are Salem’s favorite family owned handyman Salem Oregon business.


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Whether you need a handyman Salem or any of the communities in our area, when it comes to handyman services, no else can match the extensive range of services we can offer for you and your home. Anything you need repaired, installed or improved around your home, we can do it for you.

Home improvement and remodeling, plumbing and electrical, painting and roofing, fence and drywall repair. Inside or out, top to bottom, there’s nothing in your house that we can’t repair, install or otherwise improve. We are the best handyman Salem Oregon has on call, simple.

Home Improvement
Gutter Installation & Repair

Home Improvement

When we move into our home we think they are everything we’ll ever need. The unfortunate truth is that, over time, our circumstances and situations change, and our once perfect house is suddenly not quite so perfect anymore.

Our home improvement services can be a great to get your meeting your needs again. We can offer a range of ideas and services to get your home as you need it, from remodeling to other home improvement services. We are the home handyman service you can trust.

Rain Gutter Installation & Cleaning

There’s no greater chore, or in some cases more dangerous one, than cleaning or installing rain gutters. Many of us put this off due the painstaking labour it quite often involves. It is, however, incredibly important to get it done.

We offer a rain gutter installation and cleaning service, so you no longer need to do this chore yourself. Rain gutter cleaning is crucial for the safety of your home and installing a new rain gutter can be a way to keep your home safe and functioning, too.


A new coat of paint can really liven up the aesthetics of your home. Like rain gutter cleaning, painting is another one of those labour intensive, dirty, thankless task most of us like to avoid. Not us.

We offer both interior and exterior painting, so matter if it’s indoors or out, you can get your home to really shine again.

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Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

Accidents can often occur in your home and a result your drywall can often be a causality. We can patch up and repair your drywall to its pre-accident condition, so you can avoid the litany of potential problems that a damaged drywall can cause.

We’ll have your drywall looking its best again and you’ll never be able to tell the place we did our amazing work.


Fencing is crucial to the safety and security of your home. Damaged or otherwise compromised fencing can be a real problem. However, we can mitigate any problems a damaged fence can cause with our range of fencing services.

Our professional handymen can quickly and effectively fix any problems you have with your fence. Just think Salem Oregon fencing.


Roofing, is obviously, an important part of our home. Yet many of us neglect its maintenance. This is for a number of reasons, including the fact it can often be quite a dangerous job.

Take the danger and hard work out of this job and talk to us, the Salem Oregon handyman service you can trust. We can provide you the best handyman roofing Salem Oregon has to give. Any repair job, big or small, we can get it done for you.

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Contact Us Today

We proudly operate and do business in Salem, Oregon. We are truly dedicated to giving the homes and families of our city the best when it comes to the range of handyman service we offer. If you are interested in anything we do, please contact us now to confirm if we can offer you our services in your location.

Want more information about our wide range of handyman services? You can contact us by any of the information you find listed on our website. Our team will gladly answer any questions you have run you through step-by-step what it is we can offer you and how we can improve your home.

“Our roof was really in need of repair, so I contacted Salem Oregon Handyman. They were the ultimate professionals. They got the job done without any problems and their work not only looks great but is still going strong.” Leo. M

“Some of the rooms in our house were in need a fresh coat of paint, but I’m not really the handy type. Someone put me onto Salem Oregon Handyman. They had all the know-how and made the interior of my home really look amazing again.” Kane. L

“My fence was badly damaged during a storm and I wanted it quickly fixed. I called Salem Oregon Handyman on the recommendation of a friend. Their work was brilliant, my fence looks great and is stronger than ever.” Josh. C